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Keyword:mayenite  electride  doping  macropores 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2018,46(1):0-0

Cd-doped mayenite (Ca(12–x)CdxAl14O33) porous electrides were prepared by a phase separation-assisted sol-gel technology accompanied by vacuum reduction process. The effects of Cd doping amount on the microstructure, crystalline phase and electrical properties of mayenite electrides were investigated in detail. The results show that the as-prepared Cd-doped mayenite possesses a co-continuous macrostructure with the dense skeletons and the porosity as high as 66%. After heat treatment at 1100 ℃, the Cd element doping does not destroy the “cage” structure of mayenite, while replaces a certain amount of more active calcium ions in the mayenite, making the structure more stable. The Cd-doped mayenite could transform from the insulator into a certain conductivity of the electride material after reduced at 900 ℃ under vacuum environment, whose electron concentration is up to 6.904×1013 cm–3.

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王 睿(1991—),男,博士研究生。

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