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Year,volume(Issue):page number:2019,47(9):0-0
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 [1] 吕迎, 李俊刚, 孙建波, 等. 凝胶注模成型法制备多孔Al2O3陶瓷[J]. 中国科技信息, 2018, 588(16): 83–84.

LV Ying, LI Jungang, SUN Jianbo, et al. China Sci Technol Inf (in Chinese), 2018, 588(16): 83–84.
[2] 徐鲲濠, 孙阳, 黄勇, 等. 叔丁醇基凝胶注模成型制备Al2O3多孔陶瓷[J]. 耐火材料, 2011, 45(2): 93–95.
XU Kun Hao, SUN Yang, HUANG Yong, et al. Refractories (in Chinese), 2011, 45 (2): 93–95.
[3] 汪长安, 郎莹, 胡良发, 等. 轻质、高强、隔热多孔陶瓷材料的研究进展[J]. 陶瓷学报, 2017(3): 287–296.
WANG Changan, LANG Ying, HU Liangfa, et al. J Ceram (in Chinese), 2017(3): 287–296. 
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CHENG Lei. Effect of citric acid on the dispersion of alumina powder and its mechanism [J]. J Ceram (in Chinese), 2013, 34(3): 322–325.
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