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作者:李颖1 余红发1 2 3 董金美1 文静1 谭永山1 
单位:1. 中国科学院青海盐湖研究所 西宁 810008 2. 青海大学土木工程学院 西宁 810016 3. 南京航空航天大学土木工程系 南京 210016 
关键词:氯氧镁水泥 水化产物 相转化 抗水性 
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The effective use of bischofite in the salt lake area in China for magnesium oxychloride cement (MOC) as a building material is concerned. The MOC material should be improved for the long-term water resistance. However, there is no any systematic study on this aspect so far. This review paper summarized and evaluated recent studies on the crystal structure and morphology, phase equilibrium, phase transformation of hydration product in MOC and the methods of water resistance assessment. In addition, future possible research studies on this aspect were also proposed.
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