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作者:杨程 梁晓娟 邸小旋 向卫东 吕坚杰 
单位:温州大学化学与材料工程学院 浙江 温州 325035 
关键词:钇铝石榴石单晶 荧光材料 掺杂 白光发光二极管 

稀土Ce3+离子掺杂的钇铝石榴石(Ce:Y3Al5O12, Ce:YAG)晶体,其独特的光谱学特征非常适合用于460 nm蓝光激发的白光发光二极管(LED)。因而,基于Ce:YAG单晶,尤其是基于能量传递原理构建的YAG系列单晶在白光LED领域中将会成为一个备受关注的荧光材料。简要评述了近年来蓝光(460 nm)基白光LEDs用单晶系列的研究进展,重点阐述了基于Ce:YAG单晶的单掺杂体系,以及基于能量传递原理构建的双掺杂及三掺杂等单晶荧光材料在白光LED中的研究进展,展望了该材料在白光LED中的应用前景。

Ce:YAG single crystals are suitable for 460 nm blue light in the excitation of white LED due to their superior optical properties. Ce:YAG single crystals as luminescent materials, especially based on the principle of energy transfer, have attracted much recent attention. In this review, recent development of YAG single crystal for white LED was represented, and the co-activated and tri-activated single crystals obtained by the energy transfer from the sensitizer to acceptor were emphasized. This review also gave some further research aspects and applications for Ce:YAG single crystals as a promising fluorescent material for white LEDs.

杨 程(1988—),男,硕士研究生

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